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Professor I. M. Mujtaba PhD, DIC, CSci, CEng, FIChemE
University of Bradford, UK

Interests: Sustainable energy, Dynamic Modelling, Environmental Science

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Dr. Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem 

Fellow, Higher Education Academy UK

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Interests: Material Science, Textile and Fashion, Virtual Prototyping, CAD/CAM, Composite Engineering.

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Associate Editors

Dr. Sarif Patwary

University of Houston, USA

Interests: Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Consumer Behaviour, Social Media Analysis

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Dr. Shohag Hussain

Leibniz-Institute for Materials Engineering - IWT, Germany

Interests:  Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, Metal atomization, Powder metallurgy, Spray forming

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Dr. Ashish Kapoor

PhD Fibre & Polymer Science (Major) and Electrical Engineering (Minor)

North Carolina State University

Interests:  Flexible Sensors, Electronics 

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Dr. Avoni Gharde

Natural Fiber Welding Inc. 

Interests: Functional materials

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Dr. Mohammad Tajul Islam 

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology 

Interests: Biocomposite, Adsorption, electrospinning, biomaterials

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Assistant Editors

Dr. Samit Chakraborty

North Carolina State University, USA

Interests: Machine Learning, Digital Printing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Fashion Recommendation

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Md Mazedul Islam

University of Manchester, UK

Interests: Sustainable Practices ,Circular Economy, Sustainable Production and Consumption,  Business Ethics & CSR, Fashion Operations Management, Organic Fashion & Textiles, Industry 4.0

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Dr Miguel Carvalho

University of Minho
Interests: Sewing dynamics, clothing design, textile design, pattern design, anthropometrics, ergonomics and development of functional/multi-functional materials and textile products and interactive textiles (electronic textiles) with applications in the health, automobile, sport and other sectors. Work study (licensed as user and instructor by the Predetermined Motion Time System - General Sewing Data - UK); Production planning, organization and control.



Polytechnic University of Tirana
Interests: Additive manufacturing, garments, footwear, modelling, simulation, digitalization

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Dr Atiyyah Musa 

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
Interests: Comfort studies - tactile, thermal, ergonomics, textile testing, processing, modelling

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