Green Nature

2nd Sustainable Textile and Fashion Congress (STFC)

28-29 July 2022  | Online Event


Call for Papers

The iCongress Innovation committee is inviting following three types of presentations/papers for oral presentation at the Sustainable Textile and Fashion Congress (STFC) and publication in the “iLetters”- an open access journal of innovations. :


  • Original work - RIP (research in progress) represents the findings from any research work that is in progress but at least 25% complete.


  • Original work - RC (research complete) represents findings from any research work that is at least 75% complete. 


  • Review work presents a state-of-the-art picture of a theme or subtheme of any field of study. It could be a 5-year review, 7-year review or a 10-year review of officially published materials or products. 

The duration of each presentation is 15 Minutes excluding Q&A.  


STFC covers the following topics, but are not limited to:


• Sustainable design of fibre, yarn, fabric and apparel

• Sustainable production of fibre, yarn, fabric and apparel

• Sustainable lifestyles

• Sustainable policies

• Circular economy for textiles and fashion

• Technology innovations for sustainability 

• Climate change and textiles/fashion

• Consumer engagement, communication and greenwash

• Zero-waste and Zero-discharge production 

• Green/sustainable chemistry

• Industrial ecology and standards 

• Life cycle assessment, carbon and water footprinting

• Life cycle costing and accounting

• Social life cycle assessment

• Supply chain management

• Digitalisation and sustainability 

• Sustainable business models

• Corporate social responsibility and transparency

• Ethical fashion and eco-labelling



Abstract submission:

We invite researchers, academics, industry experts, professionals and students to submit 200 words abstract using the submission form by 25th of June.


Abstracts can be submitted through the iCongress submission form linked below.








All speakers are required to register by paying a fee.


  • Standard fee - £75

  • Student fee -   £50

  • Discounted fee available for DAC-listed countries






Shortlisted speakers will be invited to submit short manuscripts for publication in the “iLetters”- the open access journal of innovations (100% APC waiver applies for SWFC Speakers).



Dr. Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem CText FTI,  FHEA

Editor, iLetters